Moving Blankets Overview

Moving Blankets can be used in a variety of ways. They are used when moving to protect items from getting damaged.

Moving Blankets (also called Furniture Pads or Warehouse Pads) can protect any number of items by being attached to them like with a T.V., or simply draped over them like on a banister. Moving blankets come in different sizes and thicknesses that are geared toward specific use cases. In general the thicker the blanket, the more protection it will provide.

How to Use a Moving Blanket

Below is a great video that demonstrates how to use a moving blanket. This video gives step by step instructions.

Types of Blankets

There are two basic types of Moving Blanket.

Thick (Premium) Blankets
There are thick blankets that are quilted with a material that fills the space between.

Thick Moving Blanket

Thin (Economy) Blankets
Thin blankets that are made of one single piece of material and do not provide as much protection.

Thin Moving Blanket

Top Places to Buy Moving Blankets:

Moving Blankets are manufactured to protect a variety of items when moving and while in transit. Many moving blankets are made of a durable polyester/cotton blend. You can secure blankets with packing tape, rubber bands, or stretch wrap and you can even use multiple blankets if needed.

Choosing the Correct Moving Blanket for your Situation

1. Figure out the size of the object, or average size of most objects you will be covering.
2. Determine how sensitive the surface is that you are covering. The more sensitive, the thicker blanket you will want.
3. Determine if color matters to you, for most people it does not.