How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need?

Published on 02/06/17

The question is often asked, “How many moving blankets should I get?” The answer of course is: It depends.

It depends on how much stuff you have to protect. A good rule of thumb that is often used to estimate is by is how many bedrooms the house your are moving from has in it. Some people recommend a dozen moving pads for each bedroom in the house.

1 Bedroom – 12 Blankets
2 Bedroom – 24 Blankets
3 Bedroom – 36 Blankets
4 Bedroom – 48 Blankets

Another way people estimate how many furniture pads they need is to get 1 pad for every 5 square feet of space during transportation. If you had a 20ft moving truck for example, you would want around 32 moving blankets using this method.

A more precise way of estimating how many mover pads to get is simply to count the number of items you want to protect and the number blankets needed to cover that item. It is always best to add a few extra onto that total however, just in case something gets overlooked.

Hopefully these methods will enable you to better estimate how many moving blankets you will need to purchase. With your estimation you can take a look at our suggested places to buy moving blankets.