How Much are Moving Blankets?

Published on 03/09/17

Just as the types of moving blankets can vary a great deal, so can the prices. It is important to note that the old saying is true here, “You get what you pay for.”

Low-range light weight moving blankets, 3.5 lbs and under, usually will run you between $3.00 and $12.00 each. These pads offer very little protection.

Mid-range moving blankets weighing 3.5 lbs to 5.5 lbs usually cost somewhere in the range of $6.00 to $15.00 each. These blankets are good for protecting hardwood furniture, sofas, and most harder objects. These are probably the most popular types of moving blankets people use and offer a good deal of protection.

High-range of moving blankets weighing 5.5 lbs all the way up to 9 lbs will cost you in the range of $9.00 to $30.00. These blankets are the top of the line and are great for protecting fragile items and softwood furniture. These blankets are the best you can get and offer maximum protection.

So how much do moving blankets cost? In general the heavier the blanket, the more protection it offers, the more it will cost. As with all things, when you are buying online be sure to check the weight and even the size of the blankets before purchasing to be sure you are getting the best deal.