Use a Moving Blanket as a Dog Bed

Published on 02/10/17

Moving blankets are made of a thick durable material (usually a polyester/cotton blend) that protects the surface of the object underneath. What can you do with them after you move? You could put them in a closet until you need them again, sell them, or give them to a friend.

One more creative thing that some people like to do with these left over blankets is use them for their pets to lay on! People tend to use them for dogs specifically, but there is no reason cats or rabbits can’t get in on the fun too. They work great in a sheltered outdoor space where a store bought pet bed probably would not last long. Due to being made for strength, these rugged blankets will probably last a lot longer. At Moving Blankets USA there is one specific customer who swears by their use as pet beds and buys them in bulk for a kennel.

Most moving blankets come in the size of 72” x 80” (6 foot x 6 foot 8 inches) so you can fold the blankets to what ever shape is best for your size pet. You can even use 2 blankets if needed, or if your dog happens to be a bit of a princess.

Although it is hard to personally imagine doing this, multiple people have said they use moving blankets to protect their couches and chairs from dogs with claws. Normally the dog’s nails may damage the surface, but the furniture is protected with the blankets. Moving blankets can come in a variety of different colors, but they are not exactly the most fashionable things to have laying about. They serve their purpose of protecting items in this case, and serve that purpose well.

Whether you are providing a bit of extra warmth for a outdoor dog, or protecting your furniture from a hyper new puppy, moving blankets can be a handy tool in caring for your pets.