How Big are Moving Blankets?

Published on 05/16/17

Most moving blankets are 72” x 80”. In feet that is 6 ft. x 6.7 ft. This is the most common size you will find most places. However, some places to sell oversized moving blankets.

These extra large moving blankets can measure different sizes such as 98” x 72” or 77” x 120”. They may be useful for items in which using 2 blankets may be difficult, or even sound proofing. Large moving blankets like these should always have the price checked before purchase, as it may make more sense to have multiple standard sized blankets if you plan on reusing them.

There are also smaller size moving blankets that can measure sizes such as 24” x 36” or 40” x 72”. These may be useful for smaller objects, but you should also consider simply folding a regular size to fit the object.

The standard sized blankets make them versatile for a number of different applications other than moving. You may consider using them as a picnic blanket, or even folding them over for a dog bed.